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Sónar 2019 Spot

Final Project for the Motion Graphics in 2D & 3D Master at FX Animation Barcelona 3D and Film School. 
Designed, modelled and animated in Cinema 4D, textured in Arnold Renderer and composed in Adobe After Effects.

Music by Wrappyken.


Adobe After Effects | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop | Arnold Renderer | Cinema 4D

The concepts of the Sónar festival are creativity, music and technology, although its advertising spots are distinguished by meaningless stories and images and concepts that are totally unrelated to the idea of a music festival. For this spot, I took as a reference the exhibition “Neither flyers nor posters” that was made for Sónar’s 25th anniversary celebration where the previous advertising campaigns of the festival were collected, without using flyers or posters, creating a great installation. This led to the idea of using different obsolete elements related to advertising, such as a radio, an old TV and a newspaper, and showing them in a desert and apocalyptic surrounding. These objects show advertisements from previous Sónar editions, until they stop working. They begin to be attracted by a “force” that comes from a building in runes with a light portal inside, which absorbs them and turns them into music, becoming the festival’s Line Up names and the beat of the music.

Only for educational purpose.

26 Feb, 2020